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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 18, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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5 morning news, before sweeping immigration reform took over in arizona, a similar crack down was in prince county, virginia, a few years ago. one lawmaker wants to spread it statewide. we're live on the latest. a convicted utah murderer is put to death by firing squad. we'll go live to utah to get more on the first such execution in some 14 years and we'll find out if it will be the last of its type. we're now into day 60 of the gulf oil disaster, bp's ceo was grilled on capitol hill. we'll talk with one congressman who had some tough questions at that hearing. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. >> a beautiful shot of the jefferson memorial and you can see the work continues on the river wall. it's a beautiful morning. it's friday morning june 18th. it is clear skies. there are cool conditions. a real nice day today.
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thanks for being with us. >> we'll check with weather and traffic in just a moment but first another big story this morning is the u.s. playing their next world cup match? they take on korea. kickoff is expected around 10:30 this morning. we saw holly at one of the watch parties at today's game. we'll check back in a little bit. >> it's closer to 10:00 o'clock. you don't want to miss the beginning of that. it will be half over my 10:30. you won't be able to use tucker after 10:30. >> i may go to southeast washington and join holly. >> you should. >> look at what a beautiful day to play hockey and -- soccer and get outdoors. we're going to be talking about bright sunshine throughout the friday so we're looking forward to that. let's get to it. show you the current temperatures around the area and again as we get started here, 65 degrees right now at reagan national. that's the coolest temperature in about 10 mornings so great
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looking start. 61 dulles. look at the 50s. 58 wincester and 57 to start the morning in ocean city and 60 hagerstown so very comfort able temperatures expected throughout the morning hours, even this afternoon we'll warm up back into the middle 80s but the humidity really doesn't enter the equation until this weekend so another nice one. very quiet. clear skies down through the carolinas out to the west as well. should be a sunny day. bright and sunny. no rain or thanker storm activity and again the temperatures are in the normal range. lots of sunshine. comfort able, 85 the afternoon high and winds north to east 5 to 10. the heat and humidity will be back. i'll have more details on that coming up in a few minutes. let's get you to the traffic this morning. good friday morning to you. >> happy friday indeed. right now we're talking to the crew in sky fox. checking out that drive northbound a long 95 and for you guys traveling out of woodbridge it's not easy. we had a crash earlier a long the north bound side of the parkway involving a truck.
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they moved that to the shoulder and then the back up another accident, this one also cleared to the shoulder so lanes are open as you travel through woodbury. the bad news is you're on the bridge well before heading northbound trying to work your way in and this is the main line of 95, definitely on the slow side. traffic continuing across the beltway heading up on the 395. route one, leaving the plaza headed towards furnace road. we'll go back inside and update the ride elsewhere. 395 leaving duke street towards seminary road, it's heavy here and southbound 95 coming out of maryland this morning delays beginning south of 212 as you continue to the exit for the outer loop and that remains closed between 95 and georgia avenue. that's the fox 5 on time traffic pgh we really need a statewide
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resolution so illegal immigrants leave the commonwealth of virginia altogether. >> the prince william county official hoping to make what is now a county law statewide. >> similar to the controversial legislation in arizona the law aims to send undocumented immigrants packing but not everybody supports it. we have the details. >> reporter: well, tony, that arizona law created a huge backlash in the his hispanic community and you can believe any law here would do the same. what the lawmaker wants to do is crack down. it's called the rule of law campaign and in an online petition and a face book page he's trying to spread the message of getting tough on illegal immigration beyond the borders of prince william county where he serves. he wants to make that that --
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wants to make virginia law the law of arizona. >> it's very popular, i think it will be very popular in virginia. >> reporter: stewart is propose ago new law make it illegal to be an undocumented immigrant anywhere in virginia. it would require police to check the immigration status of everyone they stop. it would outlaw sanctuaries and day labor sites. he says prince william county's crack down simply drove violators elsewhere. >> other jurisdictions of virginia so we really need a statewide solution so that illegal immigrants leave the commonwealth of virginia altogether. >> that crack down three years ago was widely controversial and opponents say it was devastating on the economy after so many immigrants fled the county. >> if you go to the area it eroded the tax base and you had to increase the taxes because the home values plummeted so far they had to try to make up for that how. >> reporter: opponents say immigration reform is need but
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this is the wrong way to go about it. >> all of these things will be challenging offered and over again and the cost is huge to the taxpayers so why would you propose it here in virginia before you find out if it's constitutional in arizona? we already know they had to water it down here in prince william because they knew it won pass the constitutional test. >> reporter: now, arizona's law already faces five legal challenges and the federal government also is weighing whether to go to court too. if a similar law was passed here in virginia it would likely face the same constitutional challenges. fox 5 news. >> police are searching for houseled up a check cashing store in the district and killed the owner's son. the victim is known in the neighborhood as roger. witnesses say two gun men burst into the store around 10:30 yesterday morning and announced
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a hold up and demanned money. then after a brief struggle they shot and killed roger and got a way in what police believe was a gold hyundai with maryland tags. >> >> lawyers representing joseph price, victor se-borsky and dylan ward began presenting evidence yesterday. the defense team asked the judge for a full acquittal. she refused that much the judge said the evidence would lead a reasonable person to conclude they were guilty. paul wagner has been covering this trial from the beginning and he will join us next hour to tell us what we can expected to. >> we get a live look at the under water leak in the gulf. the ceo of bp was peppered with
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tough questions from congressmen during testimony on capitol hill yesterday. now one republican is saying he's sorry for an apology he gave. texas representative joe barton apologized to tony haywood. he said he was sorry the way the administration put pressure on bp to set up that fund. later he came back and apologized for this apology. >> i think it's a tragedy of the first pro portion that a private corporation can be subjected to what i would characterize as a shake down, in this case a $20 billion shake down. >> now this graphic puts into perspective the amount of oil spewing in the gulf and shows the oil spill so far could fill a football stadium. we have much more ahead on the gulf war disaster hearings. at 7:30 we'll be joined live by congressman phil gingric-h of georgia one of the lawmakers looking for answers yesterday. sunday is world refugee day
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and it could not come at a more urgent time with the urgent crisis in places around the world. what we can do to help folks reclaim their lives and how to help. meanwhile a convicted murderer in utah is put to death by firing squad overnight. coming up in a few moments we'll go live to utah to get more on the first such execution in 14 years. will it be the last. plus he was on a one manhunt for osama bin laden before being arrested overseas. now he's in need of help. we'll have latest in a little bit. as we head to break, beautiful morning as we look outside, the latest traffic and weather update coming up next. 68 degrees under a clear sky in the district. 
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>> welcome back at 7:12. another big story we're following the execution of rodney lee gardener in utah. >> he was executed by way of firing squad. that's the method he chose. this doesn't happen very often in utah. >> reporter: no, not very often. in fact he's the third man since the death penalty was reinstated. he's the third man to die by firing squad and also the third man to die in the united states by firing squad since then. i want to say that in 2004 utah did get rid of firing squad as a method of death penalty but because he was handed the death penalty back in '85 the judge did give him that choice and he was executed at 12:17 this
7:14 am
morning. apparently everyone saw him, he was strapped down, looking around, having a conversation with the warden of the warden asked if he had last words and he answered i do not and they put the hood over his head. there was a target on his chest. the marker there. he appeared to be bracing himself. his left hand was clenc-hed. apparently there was no warning or count down for the media when the shots were fired. however, we were told later there was a count down give tone the executioners. there were four ive rounds. however there were five executioners you know they do that so you don't know whether you were the person who killed gardener. the shots after they were fired what was really startling was his left arm appeared to be moving. his head also appeared to be moving so that startled the
7:15 am
people who were witnessing this execution. medical examiners were on site and came in and checked his pulse and eyes and did pronounce him dead at 12:17. so the emotion that's were coming out of this execution from witnesses, my colleague was there who witnessed it said it was a violent death but also a very sterile death. he definitely felt the gravity of the situation and felt the importance of watching this man die. the other two witnesses were two government attorneys because the man who he was initially in court for killing, killed during a robbery in 1984 and the widow of nick curbing the bailiff shot in 1985 a long with mike the verdell who was killed. he 10 years later died from the injuries from the shot. his granddaughter was also there to witness it. gardener's family was not there to witness it. his brother told us last night
7:16 am
that gardener asked him that they didn't -- he didn't want us to have bad memories, only good memories. his daughter also added he was a goodman and he was sorry for what he did. >> we'll have to leave it there. we appreciate the update this morning and again as was said, pronounced dead at 12:15, a couple hours ago. it seems rather strange to hear of that manner. utah the only state that still allowed this and of course as was mentioned they did change the law. apparently the man executed said he made that choice, he didn't want it to be a political decision. he felt because he took a life that way he felt that's the way he should go out. >> live by the gun -- >> yes. >> all right, the forecast, you have all kinds of good news. >> yes. nice conditions, 50s and low 60's can you believe it, highs back into the 80s but the
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humidity will make it feel hotter. current conditions, now at 68 at reagan national but check out the humidity, just 59 %. the dew point temperatures if you're keeping track of that type of thing in the low 50s at this hour so that's comfort able as we have had in the past couple weeks. winds still out of the northwest at 7 and the pressure on the way up. high pressure is going to be anchored across the washington area for the next several days. so, really no rain in sight. best chance for thunderstorm activity will happen by sunday afternoon and even then it will be widely scattered so we're not expecting much in the way of significant weather around here next couple days. you can see it opening up a picture a bit. clear conditions from atlanta right up into northern new england. very quiet weather across the washington area expected for the weekend. 85 sunshine today. here comes the warm up. 90 saturday. low to middle 90s. sunday, monday and tuesday, plenty of steam heat and humidity around as well. if you need a thunderstorm best chance will be on tuesday.
7:18 am
>> could be isolated sunday. >> yes. >> thank you. >> enjoy the nice weather today in the meantime. >> regular delays on 95. no incidents on the bw parkway between 198 and powder mill road. inbound south capitol street heading towards the capitol and the freeway a little tapping on the brakes and that's it. looking good right now 295 heading towards the 11th street bridge. no problems a long new york avenue. traffic slows towards the tunnel. check out the ride southbound a long 270. nice and easy from the double- decker all the way to the split. on time traffic. the united states is facing what many are calling a must win game against slovinia in the world cup. they'll have the support of a fan base in south africa and
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the man on a mission to capture osama bin laden will get dialysis today. gary faulkner is still in afghanistan. he was moved to the capital to get dialysis which he says he needs to survive. the family doesn't know when he's coming home. he was on a mission to track down osama bin laden. at one point he said he found caves guarded by men with 2-way radios. >> sunday is an tune to learn more about the global refugee situation and what you can do to help the displaced persons reclaim their lives. joining us is the vice- president for policy of refugees international, a nonprofit group that works to end refugee crisis around the world and to make life better for those refugees. let's start with world refugee day. it's sunday and what do you wan people to do on that day.
7:23 am
>> i think the main thing is just to reflect on the magnitude of the global refugee crisis, about 40 million people displaced by conflict information yourself maybe hook up with an organization like refugees international that's trying to assist. i was thinking on the way over there are many refugees who have been reset will in the united states, in virginia and washington and maryland and think about the possibility of volunteering directly, say for english education or providing other support to refugees who have made their way to the united states. >> i just want to make clear. you said 40 million people. that's an astounding number. >> it is and these are among the most vulnerable people in the world. i mean if you picture yourself forced from your home, often suddenly, you know what do you grab? we have thought about a campaign where you think about if you had to leave in five seconds, what would you take from your home and often that's exactly the situation that
7:24 am
refugees find themselves in. >> let's talk about one of the more recent situations we have been hearing about in occurred stan, the refugee situation there. that's one, is it getting worse -- in kurdistan. >> i would say it's still unstable. people continue. it's an ethnic conflict with people forced from their homes and finding asylum in neighboring areas but the situation is fundamentally not resolved. there's still conflict and people on the move and this demonstrates how suddenly a refugee crisis can emerge. >> your organization recently came back from a trip to pakistan to another camp and this camp, here is some of the footage here, it appears to me tens of thousands of makeshift tents that people are living in. tell us a little bit about the situation there, what the folks are facing. >> well the difficult, this is the result of internal conflict in pakistan between the
7:25 am
government and rebel movements that are affiliated with the taliban. this is a classic people caught in the cross fire, they have to flee and they do make their way to makeshift locations and it's very difficult to organize assist and often because people flee in the areas that are difficult to reach. operational agencies do their best to provide shelter, to provide food but the living conditions are, you know these are not conditions that you want to live in for a long time if you can avoid it. >> are there some misconceptions that americans have about some of the refugees in afghanistan and iraq and places like that you hear people say these are potential terrorists and why should we get involved in it? >> i feel so strongly about that. these are victims of terror. these are victims of conflict and persecution. and especially for people who
7:26 am
either are so vulnerable or who make their way to the united states, they have been -- in fact there's a complete disconnect between terror and the life of a individual refugee and many of whom are women and children. >> what can people do, we have this day sunday to look at this issue. what can the average american do who feels like they're way over -- what can i do about it? >> volunteer locally because there are refugees and agencies trying to assist in the washington area. information yourself and then there are ways owe to provide financial support. you can get involved politically to make sure that the united states as a nation is doing the right thing in terms of helping the vulnerable people. >> thank you very much for coming. >> thanks. >> world refugee day is sunday. we're now into day 60 of the gulf oil disaster. the bp ceo was grilled on capitol hill yesterday by lawmakers looking
7:27 am
for answers. next we'll be joined by congressman bill gingry in georgia who took part in the hearing. we'll be right back. 
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7:29 am
>> it's 7:30. the gulf oil disaster brings
7:30 am
about high drama from the gulf coast to the white house to capitol hill. it's been quite a week for bp and the administration. chris wallace joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the latest fireworks we saw and what we can expect to hear sunday morning. >> well, on sunday we'll be obviously talking about the oil spill, the latest from the gulf. we'll also have an interview, an exclusive interview with a top republican on capitol hill, mitch mcconnell. he's been very critical of the president's efforts and especially of mr. obama's efforts to try to turn the crisis in the gulf into an effort to passe energy and climate change bill and i must say that will have pretty tough going on capitol hill. also an exclusive with robert gates amid growing concerns about whether the country is on the right path in afghanistan.
7:31 am
>> we have congressman bill gingry from georgia in the studio and we'll talk to him when we're done talking with you. i'm curious to your response about the questioning yesterday. >> i was surprised at haywood because he did apologize at the very beginning but after that i thought he took a fairly arrogant tone. it was obvious he was going to give nothing up. it's somewhat understand able because bp is the target of various civil and potentially criminal lawsuits so he doesn't watt to sit there saying we did this and that wrong because it will be used against him. on the other hand it seemed to me there was a slightly, there must have been a better way for him to express his concern and regret for what's happened in the gulf. basically he said i don't know. i'm not a cement engineer and i have nothing to do with this because i'm too important to worry about an individual well in the gulf of mexico. it seemed to me that all of the pr benefit they got the day before from agreeing to the $20 billion escrow fund, a lot of that win away. i'll be curious to hear what
7:32 am
the congressman says and we can also learn more about our power players as we look at the constitution on sunday. >> indeed. the actress from northern exposure started a new web sight sight, she's started her own web sight to teach adults and kids about the constitution. >> fox news sunday 9 o'clock sunday morning of course right after we wrap things up here with fox 5 morning news at 8. election check with tucker as we look at the forecast. you have the easy job today. >> yes. beautiful conditions around the area. 50s and low 60s. let's look at the beach forecast and i want to mention hey, all the way from virginia beach right down to the carolinas up through ocean city and bethany beach. should be a very nice weekend. lots of sunshine expected, temperatures upper 70s 80 tomorrow and going to be hot
7:33 am
by sunday. hazy hot and humid. chance for an isolated thunderstorm at bethany and ocean city. conditions looking great. temperatures middle to upper 80s. water temperature by the way upper 60s, 67 degrees so starting to warm up. warming up here too, 68 reagan national. great looking start to the day. dew point temperatures the low 50s very comfort able around the area. 61 manassas. much of the area off to the north and west was in the 50s here an hour ago so great looking start. the high back not middle 80s so we don't see the humidity increase until tomorrow so another nice looking afternoon. high pressure building across the washington area. really right across the mid- atlantic into southern new england and clear skies the next couple days and if the area of high pressure gets off the coast we'll watch a return flow around it and that will change the winds out of the south overnight and we'll lead to increasing heat and humidity around here for the end of the
7:34 am
weekend. nice looking forecast, lots of sunshine, comfort able, 85 for the afternoon high and winds from the north and east at 5 to 10 miles an hour. big baseball game tonight. 65 overnight low. partly cloudy conditions and should be perfect for baseball. winds from the south 5 to 10 and the 5 day forecast as we get into the weekend, 90 tomorrow. you'll really notice humidity increasing then hazy hot and humid, sunday, monday and tuesday, maybe mid-90s by monday and tuesday. that's it for weather. on time traffic and there she is. >> you know summertime -- >> i love that song. >> i bet you do. you know all the words to it don't you? if you're going eastbound a long 66 delays are out of manassas, leaving 71 and 100 on the brakes towards 133 and inner loop 236 heading up
7:35 am
towards 66. no problems a long the top stretch of the beltway. lanes are open. typical slow down traveling between the avenue and georgia. that's a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. >> the head of bp said he's "deeply sorry." for his company's catastrophic oil spill in the gulf of mexico. chief executive tony hey word underwent questioning yesterday. congressman gingry joins us with more inside. congressman, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> i don't want to focus on this but i can't not ask about what congressman barton said at the beginning of this with his apology. that emotionally grabbed i think some of the headlines from the hearing. do you have thoughts. >> it was a distraction from the message we wanted to present and i say we, the entire committee, but joe retracted that statement. he's an honorable man.
7:36 am
he's experienced, he's respected on both sides of the aisle. i'm glad he had the opportunity to pull that back because in fact tony haywood and bp agrees with the president, the escrow fund of $20 billion should be set up, managed by someone independent of bp. no gun was held to their head in regard to that so they agreed to do it and i think joe was wrong on that statement. >> let's talk about what tony haywood said or did not say. i have to admit i was listening and watching and was getting frustrated of not getting many answers. i can't imagine what it was like to be in the room with him what were the thoughts, the tone and questioning and the lack of responses. >> it became obvious early on it was essentially pleading the fifth amendment. of course that's our fifth amendment but whatever it is in the uk he was not going to tell us anything. he was calm, cool and collected. he did not lose his temper but he really didn't tell us
7:37 am
anything. a lot of questions i learned a lot from the questions from my colleagues on both sides of the aisle but i didn't learn anything from tony haywood. >> i know there's some limitations as to who you can talk to, how you can talk and what point. is he the right guy to talk to, to get answers or should you be talking to someone else? >> you know he had a group behind him. he readily admitted that he had been ceo for three years, in the industry for 27, but that he was not a technical expert. he did not have -- he had the p- hd it might be in marketing but not deep water petroleum engineering but he had those folks with him and he never turned to ask them advice. they were just sort of window dressing behind him. >> you said to him that he has an obligation or bp does to right this wrong. how so, what do you mean by that and how do you expect they'd be able to right this? >> they're a company with lots of cash. obviously when you can put $20 billion in an escrow account and think about this, too.
7:38 am
they have the lease on that oil mine probably the largest oil mine in the gulf coast in history, in the gulf of mexico and they can pay all of the clean up, they can pay for the jobs lost, they can pay the families of the deceased, and if they continue to pump that oil, at the end of the day, they'll make a handsome profit on the overall deal so i think they're wanting to protect that find and that lease so it will be interesting to see what is ultimately going to happen there. >> folks across america tend to turn to yourself, your colleagues, congress in general when things like this happen. i know you're not in the oil business and there may be only so much you can do, some people say this should be a situation that is more political and some say less. what in your opinion can or should congress do at this point? >> there are two folks to blame
7:39 am
here, when i say folks i'm talking about corporate folks would be bp and the other folks would be our administration. i am a little disappointed, in fact they disappointed in the response the administration has taken. if you have hundreds of u.s. citizens bleeding in the streets, hemorrhaging, the first thing you do is get doctors and first responders and you stop the bleeding and you try to save some lives. you don't call congress into emergency session to pass a law banning knives. and what i'm referring to of course is the president pushing for a nationwide energy tax on all families, it's like a year or so ago when one of his chief of staff said you should never let a crisis go to waste. there are opportunities to do big things. that is so wrong at a time like this. the concentration should be completely on stopping that leak, getting that clean up done and getting the lives of
7:40 am
the people a long the gulf coast back to normal. >> what would you consider to be a victory of sorts or at least a goal to aim for. would it be just the stopping of the leak, is that enough? securing compensation, some type of legislation to strengthen the penalties to prevent future leaks or make it safe her. what is the goal? >> i would say all of the above in what you just mentioned. there are a litany of things as you know. what is the relationship between mineral management services, an agency under the health and human services department. what are they doing in negotiating these deals, if you will, with big oil. is it a sweetheart arrangement. is it rubber stamped and you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours? we need to find out and connect all of those dots. i think at the own of the day we'll be able to do that but ultimately you can't say as the president has, that what we're going to do is put a moratorium
7:41 am
on drilling of any oil wells in the gulf of mexico. we get fully one-third of our domestic production from that source. we're already getting 60 % of our oil as you know from foreign sources, a lot of countries of course don't like us very much, this would just make that problem worse, make us more dependent on them, not less. >> as we wrap things up, let's go full circle and kind of wrap up yesterday's testimony. as we look forward, does it do any good for congress to continue to grill the folks from bp or have we exhausted those resources and need to move on in a different direction. >> i think we should continue to grill. i really do. there are additional hearings, i hope of course we'll grill the administration as well. mineral management services, the new director should be, before the oversight investigation sub-committee of energy and commerce. i think that's coming. but you know we need to continue to try to get the information and connect the
7:42 am
dots and even though mr. haywood was not too helpful yesterday hopefully as we talk to executives of other four or five major oil companies and we have done a little bit of that already, i think we'll get a lot of information. >> appreciate you being with us. >> my pleasure. >> as we move on this morning, there's a question that's haunted the dupont circle community since 2006, that of who murdered robert won. the obstruction of justice case against three men continues in the district. paul ryder has been in the courtroom since day one. he'll join us with the latest details. that's coming up at 8:00 o'clock, plus we know about the defensive line? we might and we'll find out at 7:46. [ beeping ]
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7:45. tucker barns is with us with a splendid 50s and low 60s. let's go to the map. we'll talk about a beautiful day. compliments of high pressure and this is cooperating for a change. let's talk about tonight and tomorrow. the high pressure will slipover the coast and we don't want it to happen this time of year because the winds shift from the south and hazy hot and humid, the three brothers are back for the weekend and once they're here they're in no hurry to get out of here. bright sunshine. no showers or storm activity. you'll notice the humidity back tomorrow. highs low to middle 90s. sunday, monday, tuesday, maybe a thunderstorm sunday. better chance tuesday. busy commute especially in virginia.
7:47 am
traffic slow and a that leads straight to the beltway. no problems leaving rockville headed for the split. that's on time traffic. >> thanks so much. with albert hayneswort-h asking for a trade and boycotting key work outs there's somebody willing to fill his shoes. big number 96, you want to try the name? >> i already like him. >> there you go. >> day 7 of the world cup saw argentina rolling. one of four goals. up against south korea. a rare show of offense in the
7:48 am
world cup and the 4-1 win. also saw mexico shutout france 2-0 and greece won 2-1 for the country's first world cup win and the big game at least here in the united states the match up between united states and slovenia. >>. >> reporter: it's like an nfl play off game. >> that's right. i'm sorry i can't hear you. >> usa takes on slovenia. part of the world cup soccer fun. stay with us. (cheering) 
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7:52 am
over. holly is on capitol hill at mollie malones with members of the american outlaws who clearly are already fired up. good morning to you. >> good morning. let me tell you, the american fans are not just casual. this is not for the faint of heart and if you don't believe me let's see. 7:51 and they're doing a shot of wild turkey. little bourbon. nothing to get you going better than that on a friday. this is one time reporter involvement would not be good. as can you see they're geared up and -- (cheering loudly) usa! >> reporter: very good. i don't think i can hear
7:53 am
anything. tell us about your group. >> we started out in nebraska, a bunch of guys got together and groups popped up around the country and we're the biggest in the country. >> reporter: as we should be. >> as we should be! >> reporter: so how you see how the world is so passionate about it. really how america will get there. you have a big mission. >> i have a big mission, however every single member of the outlaws are passionate about the game. also passionate -- >> you feel like we're making a dent. >> oh we're making a huge dent. huge dent. >> so what do you do, obviously during world cup time you basically gather and watch the
7:54 am
game. >> yes. yes. exactly. we get together at a bar and we cheer and we sing and have a good time. awesome time. >> reporter: i want to talk with xavier, the one that put together the watch party. can you put it on hold. >> yes. >> okay. all right. >> well, we have breakfast specials, we have -- $10 and (inaudible). >> as a person who runs a bar how do you -- >> i love football and soccer. that's why i'm here every day, 7:00 a.m., every single day. >>. >> reporter: no better invite
7:55 am
than that. okay now who wants to talk soccer. right here. the wild turkey wasn't enough. >> we have to win it. >> i think we'll push through and hopefully win the next game. >> reporter: slovenia is the smallest nation in the tournament. and we're the largest.
7:56 am
(cheering in background) (singing when the saints go marching in). >> reporter: listen to that right there. >> back to you guys. >> get as many questions out of the way as you can now because as you see in two hours probably a completely different story. maybe won't be there in two hours. unbelieveable after that just
7:57 am
7:56 in the morning. good luck to those guys. it's going to be a long day. we have a couple more hours. after 8 we'll move into the kitchen and do father's day cooking. >> also check out events taking place around town. also ahead we'll have a report on the murder of robert wong. stay with us. 7:57.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> early this morning a convicted killer was executed by a firing squad. it's the first time it's happened in the united states in 14 years. >> arizona is in the center of a fire storm over the immigration laws. now one virginia leader wants to adopt similar legislation. we're live with that debate. >> also this man on dry land after spending three years at sea. three years at sea. he missed the birth of his son. all to break a world record and we'll hear from him ahead this hour. >> good morning. >> severe weather in the mid-
8:01 am
west. check out this tornado caught on camera in minnesota. at least three are dead after several twisters touched down around the state last night. officials will be out there early this morning to survey. >> no problems here. great temperatures, 50s and 60's enjoy an afternoon high temperature in the middle 80s. >> clear skies from upstate new york right through the mid- atlantic. should and great looking day here in the mountains and the beaches as we're expecting bright sunshine to win out as high pressure moves overhead.
8:02 am
85, plenty of sun today. >> all right checking with julie and see how the friday is going so far. >> heavy slow and steady on the top stretch. nothing out of the ordinary there. again no left turn. you'll get back onto southbound first street and big delays virginia, northbound 95, this exit to the outer loop slow headed into the sunshine. that's a check of the on time traffic. >> thanks a lot. a controversial execution in utah overnight. a death row inmate put to death
8:03 am
by firing squad. his choice. ronnie lee gardener was strapped to a chair and shot by five marks men early this morning. he was sentenced to death for shoot ago lawyer to death during an a demented escape from a courthouse where he was there on another murder charge. he was sentenced before the law changed. this was the first firing squad execution in 14 years. police are investigate ago deadly shoot anything the district that happened wednesday morning. police say two men with weapons burst through the front door of a check cashing store announcing a hold up and demanding money. the gunman got into a struggle with the owner and his song, prad sing-h, known to the customers as roger. they shot him twice, killing him, and then got a way. >> everybody loved roger. everybody come here to get their checks cashed.
8:04 am
everybody know roger and his father and i can't understand who would do that to roger. >> the store has a security camera but it is not clear whether it was working. police are reviewing image from nearby speed cameras. the gunman's get away car is described as a gold hyundai elantra with maryland tags. >> the family of victims killed in a i have drive by shooting in march are meeting with lawmakers. eleanor hol-mes norton arranged the meeting with sten ' hoya. they'll meet to discuss the new dc gun law. there's a press conference at 3 today after the meeting. >> an immigration crack down is being proposed for the entire state of virginia. the commonwealth could adopt legislation similar to the arizona ban on undocumented citizens, that is if one local official has his way. we have more on the plan that is sparking debate in our area. >> one of the things targeted in this new law would be day laborers, whether they're legal
8:05 am
or not. can you see around here there are a number of people here waiting for work at this site. but those sites would be banned. in fact prince william supervisor if he gets his way that is. he wants the rest of the state to have a law in virginia similar to the controversial immigration law that arizona passed. he started an online petition at a face book page trying to spread the get tough message on immigration statewide. he's propose ago new law make it illegal to be an undocumented citizen anywhere in virginia. it would require police to check the immigration status of every one they stop and outlaw sanctuaries and day labor sites. prince william's own crack down three years ago was widely controversial and opponents say had a devastating impact on the economy. after so many immigrants left that county. stewart believes the arizona law proves the political climate is just right. >> this is the last legislative
8:06 am
session before the 2011 elections and if we don't do it now, if we don't have the election in the background, looming for the pressure on the general assembly, then i'm not sure we're ever going to get it passed so this is really our last chance to get the arizona law passed in virginia. >> components say immigration reform is needed but this is not it. now, stewart hopes to have a draft of his legislation or proposed legislation soon so he can begin to lobby state lawmakers. now arizona's law already is facing a number of legal challenges in court and if any similar law were passed virginia would likely face the same constitutional challenges. >> some are asking where is the national guard? president obama promised to send 1200 national guard troops three weeks ago and arizona officials say they have not heard anything from the white
8:07 am
house. the border patrol will only say it has the right combination of troops and technology but police a long the border say they need 3000 soldiers in order to correctly monitor that border. on capitol hill yesterday, heated questions for bp as lawmakers repeatedly asked the company's ceo about his role in the disaster. he remained cool and unflappable under the intense questioning, calmly answering congress members ' questions and that made them even more angry. >> i can't answer your question. i don't know. i'm afraid i can't recall. i'm not the drilling engineer. i'll not a scientist, i'm not a cement engineer i'm afraid. >> seems like that your testimony has been way too evasive. >> those of you at the top don't seem to have a clue about what was going on, on this rig. >> the remarks of one republican congressman dominated the testimony however. texas representative joe barton apologized to tony haywood for the president's pressure on bp to set up the $20 billion fund
8:08 am
calling it a shake down. it's later apologized for that apology to bp. >> 8:07 on this friday morning. paul wagner has been in the courtroom closely watching the obstruction of justice case in the murder of joe wong. later fans still celebrating last night's big win but some on the west coast celebrated a little too much. >> also less than two hours away from the united states ' second match of the world cup but the party has already started in some dc bars and that's no exaggeration. we're live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 8:08.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
at least 20 people were arrested after the lakers ' win last night, most for public intoxication. it was a celebration that was rowdy as you saw from the
8:12 am
burning vehicle. the lakers rallied from a 4th quarter deficit beating the celtics in a rather low scoring game, 83-79 was the final. i'm with you, i don't understand how the celebration turns to violence. >> i never get that. running outside and turning over cars. >> yes. >> all right. all right now it's time for this: here is another one.
8:13 am
>> thank you so much. if you're heading out to the amusement park should be good, plenty of sunshine all three days. 71 degrees reagan national. humidity is in check, 55 %. winds from the north at 6 miles an hour and the pressure is on the rise, 30.14 inches and satellite radar very quiet conditions. high pressure is building across the region and the breezes continue to be out of the north here. to open it up you'll notice that very quiet conditions prevail from the carolinas, from the beaches there right up to northern new england and if you're heading to the beaches, generally a good forecast. we'll have at least the possibility of a few isolated
8:14 am
thunderstorms by sunday afternoon as the weak cold front. that's where chicago presses closer to the area but tell them this area of high pressure will keep them high and dry with a great looking couple days, particularly this afternoon as the highs are in the middle 80s. the 5-day forecast. 85 today, mild overnight. 65. here's the 90s saturday. low to middle 90s sunday, monday, tuesday, humid as well so get ready for heat wave towards the weekend. that's a look at the weather. on time traffic and julie. >> i bet you tony is thinking martha and the vandellas on that one. you're not familiar with that are you. >> a little before my time. >> not much, honey. all right. northbound 95, checking for accident activity delete s delete s right here and up towards 395. we have had problems this morning on 95. we have had a couple wrecks, all that is cleared. now the latest reports popped up here in new england and that is what we're checking on for
8:15 am
you but this delay continues and more delays over the 14th street bridge. outer loop closed 95 around prince george's avenue where the lanes are open and now word of a crash, 29 at 234 in virginia. 29 shut down in each direction. that's a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. all right, now more on the court cases, the capturing the attention of the city the last several weeks. charges have been dropped against two of the three men accused of covering up the murder of robert wong. >> the judge dropped the tampering with evidence charge against two of the men but not for joseph price. all three will stand trial on conspiracy and obstruction of justice. we have the court wrap up. >> reporter: the judge took several hours contemplating what to do. in fact she heard arguments from both sides, read lengthy motions and slept on it before announcing her decision in court. the judge said she heard enough evidence over the last three
8:16 am
weeks to conclude a reasonable juror could conclude that the three men now on trial are guilty of con conspiring to cover up the murder of robert wong. outside of the court route dylan ward's attorney had little to say. joe price's attorney said he wasn't surprised by the ruling. >> based on the facts and the law as it applies to this case it was absolutely the correct decision at this point. you guys know as well as i do that it's not the end of the game so there's a much different higher standard that applies at the end of the case. >> with that the judge told the defense to call the first witness. nicholas petrako is a former cri-minalist, a hair and fibers expert with decades of experience and hired by the defense to look at the hair and fibers found on the knife at the crime scene. he told the court what he thought of the evidence. i could not exclude the t-shirt
8:17 am
he said as a source of the color less cotton fibers found on the knife. previously an expert for the prosecution said they were slightly disi-miliar. prosecutors believe the knife was planted and the fibers and blood were wiped onto it using a towel found at the scene. petrako told the court i don't see a textile pattern on the knife. i see droplets of blood. >> paul joins us in the studio with more. you have been there every day with the case. let's explain to the viewers who might be wondering why the judge dropped the tampering with evidence charges against two but not against price. >> it's very simple and she said in court. she's dropping the tampering charges against the two because there was no evidence they ever handled the knife. no testimony, nothing in the entertainment they made to police indicated that they'd ever touched the knife. joe price admitted however he had touched the knife therefore she upheld that. >> he removed the knife from
8:18 am
his friend's chest. >> and there are two parts for that story. there's a story he told the police that he found the knife on top of robert's chest and then there are other stories that he had told others that he had removed the knife from the chest and then placed it on a night stand. >> fascinating story. captivated the dc area. i can't remember the last time we have had this much attention on a non-murder trial which it is not at this point. we see twists and turns. any surprises this week that you have seen that stood out? >> sure, i think louis hinton, the former partner of price. the prosecution said they believe michael price could have been the killer and these three are covering for michael. michael is the brother of joe price. louis hinton we expected to take the stand and asked been his alibi. the reason police didn't go after michael is because hinton said michael price was with him all night long the night of the murder but the surprise was
8:19 am
that hinton, an attorney of his, into court and argued that he should be able to invoke his fifth amendment rights against self incrimination but the judge said no, you waived the rights when you testified before the grand jury so you have to testify and the question was, would the prosecution ask them about that but when he took the stand they didn't and that surprised a lot of us and i'm thinking it was tactical not asking him to just sort of leave that question out there. >> interesting. >> yesterday there was a technical testimony about, the guy from new york city, about that. when there's a jury present this kind of testimony can confuse jurors and sometimes jurors may just discount certain evidence because there are questions about it but there's only one juror in this case and it's the judge. how will that play out with her when we're hearing conflicting testimony about pieces of evidence or fibers or hair and that type thing. >> well, it's been very
8:20 am
interesting to see that this judge is very curious about the testimony and she asks her own questions. she doesn't just let the prosecution and the defense ask the experts the questions, she's very curious and she actually turns to the witness and asks several questions of her own. and some of it is so technical you really have to pay attention to it but the key part is these fibers on the knife. did they come from robert's t shirt or not and now we have had conflicting testimony because the prosecution wants to, wants you to believe that knife was planted, that a towel was used to wipe robert's blood onto if but the defense said that is the knife but the judge as the sole fact finder is very, very much involved. >> real soap opera playing out when we talk about the elements involved here. we mention this is not a murder trial but yet we have had allegations that the killer could be somebody who has not been tried >> the prosecution said in open
8:21 am
court they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt. there's some theory perhaps the prosecution is hoping all three get convicted and then one will finally say i can't do this time. i'll tell you what happened. >> interesting. >> that's the theory here and even michael price, they floated in open court this man could have done it but no charges against him -- and they have said we can't prove michael did it. >> but to bring his name up and you know -- that's strange. you're going back today. >> yes. we're not starting until late in the afternoon and we're going to hear from a trauma surgeon at george washington university. a lot of anatomy will be discussed. >> defense testimony. >> yes. >> all right. coming up, we have more. weekend work on the rails might slow you do you know if you're trying to get around town. we'll tell you what you need to know before you get on metro. >> then dc cracking down on
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
the virginia governor wants more say over metro. he wants to threaten to withhold state funding for the transit system. >> we funded metro matters as a locality. we've come to the table with metro matters at the locality and the state said it would come to the table with us. it did not say, who would be the spokesperson. it said that they cared about the system. i think they can demonstrate by paying for it. >> right now the cities and counties served by metro determine who sits on the board pgh heads up if your planning on riding the rails this weekend. work is being done on the red line. you'll want to add a half-hour of travel time between shady grove and twin brook saturday and sunday. the commute will take 20 minutes longer between new york avenue and rolena avenue. >> dc getting tough on commuters by cracking down on the slow called slug drivers you may see downtown, much like cab drivers they briefly stop in no stopping zones to pick up
8:26 am
carpoolers. you see the lines of carpoolers waiting for a ride but it seems like they have been causing traffic congestion. at least that's what the city says. the city is enforcing the law and ticketing drivers for picking up slugs. some are calling for commissioners to look into legal areas that would help traffic flow smoothly. >> 8:26. 71 degrees, up next checking out the other stories making headlines. >> including a disturbing discovery inside an arkansas airport. first how about something to celebrate this morning, and we're talking celebrating. >> celebrating is an understatement. it's amazing the soccer fans are still standing. we're getting closer to the u.s.' second match in the world cup. we're live this morning at a watch party. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things?
8:27 am
8:28 am
we love summertime fun! ...wearing our favorite colors... ...and jamming to our favorite bands! ♪ but we love eating totino's the most. we live for fun... ...friends... [ both ] ...and best of all... [ all ] ...our favorite... ...eating totino's!
8:29 am
♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ we're the kids in...
8:30 am
a discovery at the little rock, arkansas, airport, southwest airlines worker found a box with human heads. now, apparently the cargo was bound for a medical laboratory in fort worth, texas, but the airline called the police and refuse today ship it because it was not properly packaged and nothing was labeled correctly. a disturbing abduction attempt in fairfax city. a 7 years old was standing outside his mom's car at a seven 11 when a stranger grabbed him by the arm. the mother grabbed the other arm starting a tug of war and a good samaritan stepped in. police arrested the man for the
8:31 am
attempt. another honor for marvin gaye as he'll be honored in his home town. residents will celebrate the $3 million of renovations at the park in northeast. of course the dc native spent much of his childhood at his home in northeast is a park now. >> very cool. hopefully he'll play some of his music. >> it would be nice. a good day for the park. >> a look at the beaches. a lot of people are heading out of town. a lot of people were headed out yesterday. it will be a good forecast. upper 70s to about 80 ocean city bethany beach. let me ask quickly, add rather quickly if you're going to the outer banks, you'll have good weather, aloft sunshine saturday and highs about 80 down there. warming up by sunday upper 80s to 90. isolated shower and
8:32 am
thunderstorm activity. headed up the coast a little bit. hot and humid by sunday afternoon so you know typical beach weather for summertime and summer does start monday. water temperatures by the way in the upper 60s, 57 degrees so starting to warm up. all right we're starting to warm up in washington. 71 downtown washington this hour. 64 in gaithersburg, 66 dulles, 71 fredericksburg and off to the south and east, leonard town at 68 and the temperatures middle 80s, that's not bad. without the humidity it won't feel too bad at all out there. high pressure will move across the region the next couple days and once it's to the east it will shift back south and good looking forecast. get out and enjoy it highs
8:33 am
sunday, monday and tuesday back to the low to middle 90s with plenty of heat and humidity. best chance for a thunderstorm on tuesday back to you guys at the desk. >> about an hour and a half the u.s. will take on slovenia in the world cup. it's being called a must win to move onto the next round. >> holly, is it still party central there? >> yes. we're right in the middle of an important meeting we'll check with paul first. i think this
8:34 am
is why the performance maybe better also. doing a great job. they are. >> clearly you know what you're talking about. that's allowed. all about the u.s. right now. >> let's get people down here by doing another cheer. have you guys decided. (cheering). >> you were concerned that maybe the party was still going on. let's say the party is kicking in you have to be thinking
8:35 am
okay, the world cup is my country and i'm in the u.s. >> well. >> everyone is very excited obviously here and abroad and so how do you think it's going so far? >> so far so good. i mean what we see here, definitely very much alive and of course we see them on a daily basis where things are going a-okay. >> reporter: it takes a lot obviously to get ready for the event on this level. can you give me an idea. i know 10 different stadiums, five were new. what did to take to make the investment. >> let's just say even before, it took us a long time to get back.
8:36 am
it took us close to 14 years. when we got (inaudible) and i think you know of course that means quite a lot depends on this and it's a major investment and -- (inaudible)
8:37 am
(inaudible) >> we hope it will promote (inaudible) as well. >> reporter: i'm out of time but quickly i wanted to get your comment on the bouganvilla -- >> (inaudible). >> reporter: i want you to blow that as i wrap up here. i think if people blew it like that it won't be controversial. >> what can you say. >> thank you very much. >> you're most welcome.
8:38 am
>> thank you we have a link to the south african embassy. we'll check back with our fans and talk about soccer paraphernalia, how it's super popular right now. that's coming up in the next hour. back to you guys. >> it's been fun to see the people on the street in the gear and other countries they support. >> i just sense more excitement this year. >> up next update on the controversial new morning after pill. >> a car speeding well over 100 miles an hour. eventually they pulled over and they didn't even ticket the driver. we'll tell you why. 
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> we're back with an update on a story we brought you yesterday. an fda panel said a new morning after pill is safe and effective. that makes ll1 one step closer to going on sale in the u.s. it reduces the chance of pregnancy for as much as five days after sex. after another so-called after morning pill known as plan b works within only three days. the fda still has to approve and you would need a prescription to get it.
8:42 am
if an officer clocks you going 100 miles an hour you bet very a good excuse. this guy did. you're looking at a texas deputy's dash cam video. it didn't take long for the deputy to figure out what was going on. the driver's wife was in labor and that baby was not waiting. the deputy ant new dad wound up delivering the baby girl. the couple confessed they topped out at 120 miles an hour on that drive. that story will continue to grow. we were going like 300 miles an hour. >> (laughter). >> over the years. 8:42. coming up next we have a couple important recalls to tell you about and then we'll head into the kitchen, father's day grub. this looks good. we're going to take a look at that. that got your attention. also looking at some events taking place around town. fox 5 morning news continues now at 8:43.
8:43 am
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how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier.
8:46 am
check your freezer. they're recalling cheesy chicken and rice meals perhaps connected to salmonella outbreaks. also on the web sight we have more on campbell's soups spagettios recall. 15million pounds are recalled including those with meat balls, a to z with meat balls and fun shapes with meat balls. the food may not have been processed directly. -- correctly. the recall dates back to december 2008 so check the pantry. steve? >> thanks so much. father's day is a great time to cook or get out and about. we want to get right to this because man this food looks so good. it's good to see you. happy father's day coming up.
8:47 am
we have this incredible salmon. it's southern cooking at its best. >> speaking of salads what are you working on. >> apple grilled chicken cranberry salad: also walnuts
8:48 am
and cranberry. use whatever kind of cheese you have at home . you have to mix it up because the magic of television we made one here that's already done. >> everybody does chicken differently. is there a secret. when you make it, it tastes so good. when i make it at home it's knots so good. >> carolina grill. there are two locations.
8:49 am
>> when you talk about slow cooking is that what it does. >> we put love into all of the cooking. that's it. do you have a favorite father's day dish you like to have. >> i like the seafood combination and i like the creole salmon. i really like that. southern macaroni and cheese and collard greens. >> i think i need the recipe and the work out routine.
8:50 am
you're looking good my friend. if you want to check it out head down to carolina kitchen. >> always a pleasure to be here. >> thank you. more information on the web sight go to my fox >> if your grandmother is not home come to the carolina kitchen. great down home cooking. >> we'll try to save some for you tony. >> looks great. later i want to find out what makes corn bread sexy. i heard that before. if you're looking for something to do with dad for father's day weekend we have some events. >> happy friday. happy father's day to you. >> thanks very much. >> we have a lot going on this weekend so let's get to it. as we said sunday is father's day. there are a ton of things going on many events are free forefathers and even
8:51 am
grandfathers. if you're feeling the need for speed this weekend the 69th running of the derby is this saturday constitution avenue next to the capitol building. the first heat is 8:30. races all day and they think it will end around 5:30. this is also free. the third event is the sunset going on at silver plaza in silver spring maryland sunday. if you're not familiar with the washington rebels they're a group dedicated to celebrating cultural tradition. then sunday a wide variety of traditional performances from around the world including music and dance from ireland, peru, south africa. just to name a few. fitting for the world cup. 1 to 5:00 p.m.
8:52 am
and it's free. the last event is the tasting, from over 30 restaurants. admission is free and taste tickets are $1. saturday a big c-hili cook off called guns and hoses. restaurant police and fire departments are competing to see who makes the best batch of c-hili so i stopped by both stations to see how the cooking was coming a long. >> we're now at the reston district police station i'm here with the assist ant commander. thanks for joining us. do you have special ingredients. hold on why does this say fire department. did you steal their -- >> i'm sorry. >> let's not talk about that but you have a cool name and a cool name for the c-hili. >> commanders in c-hili, smoking gun c-hili. >> let's try it.
8:53 am
this is a little spicey. i like it. do you have message to the fire department. >> yes, bring a glass of water on the fire trucks because you'll need it for the smoking gun c-hili. >> reporter: you're here at the reston fire department, number 25. also known as the quarter house and i'm sheer with joe the captain of the fire department. here to talk about the c-hili. describe the c-hili in one word. >> it's hot. >> it's hot also known as the may day c-hili. >> little bit of spices and love. >> reporter: that sounds good. i'll put on the hat. i'll try this. oh, that's good. before we go, any words of wisdom to the police department. >> well if they can't stand the heat they need to get out of the kitchen. >> then can you hear now i brought a little guns and roses, fitting for the event, the two departments have a great rivalry going so it's kind of fun. i'm going to say both were
8:54 am
good, i think it's for my benefit, just to stay on the sides. you'll have to go to the event and decide for yourself. >> that's great. i have been there before. it's a great event. >> i think the fire department when it comes to heat and fire but i agree with paul -- >> thanks to both for letting me come out. >> good people. >> definitely. >> all right. also don't forget exhibition of fine pitches tonight with steven strasbourg on the mound. >> five pairs of pass toss a special screening of night and day. that's the new action flick starring tom cruise and cameron diaz. it looks really good. the screening is tomorrow at the hoffman center in alexandria. fill out an entry form on the web sight under the morning's task. by 10 this morning. you must be a legal resident of dc maryland or virginia and you must be 18 or older to ender. the five winners will be picked
8:55 am
at random and notified after 10 this morning. you must be able to pick up the passes at fox 5 here in northwest dc by 5:00 p.m. today. you can see the complete rules plus there are more on my fox >> i didn't try the c-hili but i did see the barbecue sauce from next door. good stuff. >> all right. the economy still is on rocky grounds but many members of congress are doing okay. >> coming up at 9 we'll breakdown the finances of some of the richest lawmakers. stay with us. 8:55. 
8:56 am
oil. sliming more miles of the gulf coast every day. and in washington big oil lobbyists were looking to slime our senators too. they tried to pressure jim webb and mark warner to vote for a big oil bailout worth 47 billion dollars. senators webb and warner had two words for big oil. no. way. they voted to hold oil companies accountable so they can't pollute and get away with it. senators webb and warner, keep standing up to big oil and fighting for america's clean energy future.
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listen i'm all for being out on the water and being in a boat but 1152 days at sea maybe a little much. that's how long this new york city man was on the water. if you do the math, that's more than three years on a boat. his name is reed stowe.
8:59 am
he started out with his girlfriend but she had to be transferred back to land when she got pregnant during their journey. he stayed on the water. she came home and had a baby. the trip broke some records. stowe said the true reward is he set eyes on his son for the first time when he got back. she probably had a big frown on her face, like where have you been all of this time. least the got back and everyone is healthy she got pregnant. i guess there wasn't a lot to do on the water. >> they knew they were going to be out there for a while. >> should have made it part of the plan. thank you, steve. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. a lot coming ahead. now we know the oil that is spewing in though the waters of the gulf of mexico will have disastrous impacts on the environment. that goes without saying but what about the air near the oil spill? is that safe to breathe? we will look at that. and the house and


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